"I am eternally grateful for meeting Carla, such a powerful, kind, loving, and caring woman. She is not only an incredible psychic medium but a wonderful person to talk to.

Her readings have brought a lot of clarity and assurance to my life, she has helped me to grow myself as an intuitive woman and has guided me on various paths.

Carla's energy is very grounded as she channels the spirit and guides and her readings come also very healing to one who is open to listen and receive.

Being very emphatic and intuitive she translates the messages with clarity and understanding, helping one to receive the highest guidance and connect with loved ones. Thank you, Carla !"

Review by Jana Pirosko, Make-up Artist, Brighton, UK


Lynne Gonzales, NYC

I am amazed by her work! Carla gave me a reading that was so on point my hair stood!

Light heals Tarot with Carla Forte is absolutely amazing! To be honest I have always been open-minded, yet skeptical until I spoke with Carla. She is such a sweet woman with a phenomenal gift.

What blew me away were the details that she gave me and that I had never mentioned. She is so kind-hearted and friendly that you feel comfortable right from the very start! I highly recommend Carla Forte for any and all your spiritual needs.


Karen Brown, NYC

When Carla did my first reading

I had just lost my fiancee.

I was feeling a bit reluctant at first but as the session progressed I could not believe the accuracy of her reading.

She is kind and gentle and always makes you feel at peace and comfortable.


Wanda Gaskins, USA

Phenomenal experience, a divine gift that Carla has. Carla's readings are so on the mark.

She does take care of communicating with sensitivity. Anyone connecting with Carla will be blessed.

Lighthealstarot is a sacred service provided by Carla Forte. Carla always comes from the heart and is sincere and kind when she delivers her services. 


Carla holds confidence to the highest standard. It takes a special healer to be able to trust for guidance and healing and Carla is VERY special.


Without knowing my details, her reading was spot on. Carla is kind, sensitive, sweet, and willing to help anyone who needs it. She's an amazing lady! She truly has a gift. She is very perceptive and open to receiving messages that can help anyone in their quest for guidance.

—  Rossana Snee, Psychologist & Marriage Therapist