Please read the following before booking your appointment, thank you.

I rely on you to be honest with me please and tell me whether you are suffering from any mental health issues or feeling vunerable in anyway.

Please tell me this at the beginning as I cannot read for you.

I will ask you to go and see a medical professional or speak to a professional team such as The Samaritans or your local Doctor or hospital. 

No reading will take place in this circumstance, I hope you understand this is for your best well being.

As a Spiritual Service Provider, and per the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations established 26 May 2008 as part of the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive (UCPD) in the United Kingdom (UK), you, as a consumer, you (Client) acknowledge and agree:

The services offered herein are not legally binding, have not been scientifically proven to exist, do not conform to the accepted "norm" of today's society, and in no way forces you, the Client, to relinquish your free will.


Carla Forte does not assume legal liability for damages, losses, or other consequences of any Client decisions based on, or after any of the services provided privately or via public events.   


You, as the Client, are at least 18 years of age, of sound mind, and understand that services provided by Carla Forte are described as or considered subjective. 


Carla Forte is not a medical or legal professional and any information provided during private service rendered or public event does not replace medical, legal, or professional business advice. Therefore, the Client assumes sole responsibility for your decisions and will exercise common sense, proper judgment, and under no circumstances will the Client act directly upon any advice given without personally discerning the validity of the information/advice provided.


Services provided by Carla Forte do not guarantee outcomes or results and are not 100% accurate.  Compensation rendered is for Carla Forte's time and is an amount mutually agreed upon.


As a Client, and in good faith, you will seriously consider your mental state before and while seeking Carla Forte's services, acknowledging that services sought are of your own free will. 

Please understand that you are paying for my time at the agreed amount and not for any actual or perceived results or outcomes. Furthermore, the service I give can be described as subjective and under no circumstance should you act directly upon any advice given without first making a personal choice as to the validity of any such advice.

To seek professional medical advice or consult a family member or trusted family friend if you feel personally vulnerable, are currently undergoing medical treatment for a mental health issue, or taking antidepressants to determine whether the services offered on this site as well as any other public events are suitable for you.


You, as the Client are 100% responsible for your actions and decisions. 


No services (readings or otherwise) will take place without acknowledging you have read and agree to the terms outlined in this disclaimer.