My Journey With Spirit.

As a child, I began to notice my increasing sensitivity to energy. It started with my ability to see auras around people and animals, but this quickly grew to me being able to connect with other people's energy and emotional states.

I could feel what they felt. As I embraced these experiences, my gifts expanded.

I became clairaudient - possessing the ability to hear. Frequently, I would hear names or be given messages from my spirit guides for which I have been eternally grateful.


Eventually, I honoured Spirit and sought out people for which I received messages. Somehow, the messages always resonated.


Having fully embraced my spiritual gifts, I studied Usui Reiki healing and qualified as a Level 3 Certified Reiki Master Practitioner.

I was fortunate to have been guided by an experienced Medium who helped me hone my gifts of precognition, remote viewing along with my ability to receive symbolic messages through words, pictures, and also audibly.


I began to do readings for groups of people at a spiritualist church and was able to share evidence with them of their past loved ones in the spirit realms.


Not long after, I realized these gifts were part of my calling to serve others, to be of service to you. 

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Holding Hands

My Approach

This time is for you, to relax, share any worries or concerns you may have about anything in your past, present or future.

You may decide to choose a Psychic Tarot reading, Psychic Medium Reading where I connect you to loved ones in the Spirit Realms or a Past Life Reading. 

Intuitive work requires a degree of vulnerability, and your comfort is of the utmost importance to me, I promise to make you feel relaxed as I have a naturally gentle energy.

I initiate conversation before each session to promote ease with a warm, friendly, caring approach.


Sessions are confidential and the sacred space we share is totally judgment-free. 


Your questions whether large or small are as welcomed as they are encouraged - remember, I am here to support you, offer guidance, and help you grow in your new understanding of your spiritual path and where your path is leading you to.

We can work on these together in a safe place just for you.


You came as an acquaintance, may we part as friends.

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