My Journey With Spirit.

My Journey.


My name is Carla Forte and before I became an International Psychic Medium & Tarot Reader I was a empathic, caring child in discovery of the spirit realms.


My journey with Spirit began at a very early age in my life.

I was seeing aura colours and vibrational energetic patterns around people by the age of 5. 

I progressed to seeing orbs of moving light, shadow figures and eventually seeing & hearing people in the spirit realms that had passed over to the light. 

I have been gifted with these abilities of  Psychic Mediumship, Clairvoyance & Clairaudience.

I worked on Periscope TV for over 4 years giving live readings before branching into my own business thanks to my loyal following of clients whom I am eternally grateful for.


I have given readings to groups of people at spiritualist churches after studying in a closed circles with a renowned & gifted medium, Eve, in the SNU otherwise known as The Spiritualist National Union.

My teacher & mentor worked in churches all over the UK giving evidence in spiritual mediumship readings.

I am a friendly soul no question is too big or too small. 

I pride myself on creating a relaxing, safe place for you to express yourself in a gentle & friendly environment.

Please feel free to send me a message with any questions you may have, I will give you a friendly, warm welcome my friends.

White Branch

My Approach

This time is for you, to relax, share any worries or concerns you may have about anything in your past, present or future.

You may decide to choose a Psychic Tarot reading, Psychic Medium Reading where I connect you to loved ones in the Spirit Realms or a Past Life Reading. 

Intuitive work requires a degree of vulnerability, and your comfort is of the utmost importance to me.

 I promise to make you feel relaxed as I have a naturally calming gentle energy.

I initiate conversation before each session to promote ease with a warm, friendly, caring approach.


Sessions are totally confidential and the sacred space we share is totally judgment-free. 


Your questions whether large or small are as welcomed as they are encouraged. 

I am here to support you, offer spiritual guidance, and help you grow in your new understanding of your spiritual path and where your journey is leading you to.

We can work on these together in a safe place just for you.


You came as an acquaintance, may we part as friends.