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Hello  there,

With love and gratitude, I welcome you, from my soul to yours.

It is no coincidence that you are here; what you seek, seeks you. 

Here is where we create a sacred space.

Here is where we energetically exchange.


Here is where, in support of your spiritual journey, I offer insight with my Psychic Medium abilities to help guide your growth along your soul path.


My name is Carla Forte and before I became an international Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Usui Reiki Master Healer, and an Oracle/Angel/Tarot card reader, I was a sensitive, caring child in discovery of the spirit realms.


My journey with Spirit began at a very early age in my life.

I was seeing aura colours and vibrational energetic patterns around people by the age of 5. 

I presumed then that everyone else could see them, for me it was just a very natural occurrence.

I progressed to seeing orbs of light, shadow figures and eventually people in the spirit realms that had passed over to the light.

I am given snapshots of pictures of events and people in my mind's eye.


I am also shown remote mini videos in visual images. 

These can occur at anytime depending on when Spirit want to communicate with me, I am simply an open energetic channel.


I believe we all have this ability except some of us are more sensitive to the energy.

Please feel free to ask me any questions you have via email, I will reply promptly usually the same day.


I am a friendly soul no question is too big or too small. 

Everything we discuss is in total confidence.

I pride myself on creating a safe place for you to express yourself in a warm friendly environment.

Please see the reading descriptions below which explain my Psychic Medium and Tarot abilities in more detail for you.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I truly appreciate you.

"To remember who you are, you need to forget what they told you to be. "


Popular Services


Psychic Tarot Reading


Psychic Mediumship Reading

Psychic Tarot 

Do you ask yourself when will you find love?

Do you want to know which way your career is heading?

Do you want to know what opportunities are around the corner for you?

This reading is for you to gain clarity and

peace of mind with my Psychic Gift 

incorporating the Tarot Cards, Oracle and

Angel card decks I have to

help you align with your true life purpose in this

20, 30 or 40 minute reading.


A Psychic Medium Reading

30 Minutes

I am Clairvoyant which means "Clear Seeing"

 Clairaudient which means "Clear Hearing",

 Clairsentient which means "Clear Feeling"

Clairalience  which means they will

impress on me a particular fragrance or scent

that would be symbolic to them.

I am also a Remote Viewer which means

I can tune in to a person or place.

My Spirit Guides sometimes step forward 

to connect with your loved ones in the

Spiritual Realms and bring

messages of love to you.

Soul Mate Reading

Twin Flame & Soul Mate Reading

Do you ask yourself 

"Is he/she my Soul Mate?

This reading is to look at the energy around you connected to your relationships.

To reveal your love potential and to guide you forward to the soul mate your were 

intended for.


Also available


Aura readings

This is to see which unique colours are in your  Aura today.

 I then explain the meaning of each os these auric colours to you in detail.

 Aura Art.

I also offer bespoke Aura Art as a visual reminder of your unique colour energy signature.

Past Life Reading

Do you want to change your generational patterns of behaviour?

This reading with me is to eliminate any obstacles you are currently facing

by understanding your past life.

To see how those repeated ancestral patterns are affecting your decisions

and choices today.

This is a 30 minute reading

I will work with you to remove any residual generational patterns of behaviour & move forward!


Phenomenal experience, divine gift that Carla has. Her readings are so on the mark. She does take care in communicating with sensitivity.

Anyone connecting with Carla will be blessed.

Debra Wingo Williams

Rossana Snee Psychologist & Author

Serina Stow

Without knowing my details, her reading was spot on. Carla is kind, sensitive, sweet, and willing to help anyone who needs it. She's an amazing lady! She truly has a gift. She is very perceptive and open to receiving messages that can help anyone in their quest for guidance.

Carla has a rare and unique gift. As a psychic, she is incredibly tapped into spirit. I've been consistently seeing her for 3 years. Carla has changed my life for the better.

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