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Carla Forte,
Psychic Medium, Tarot, Angel, Oracle Card Reader, Aura Colour Reader/Aura Artist,
Usui Reiki Healer Master,
Guided Meditation Coach.


A very warm welcome to Light Heals Tarot you beautiful souls from my heart to yours.

My name is Carla Forte.

I am the sole owner of Light Heals Tarot.

All my readings are done by myself.

I am a psychic, medium, tarot/oracle card reader.


I work worldwide via online video call, telephone, email & in person at my reiki clinic & have been for 35 years.

I am also an aura colour reader & aura colour signature energy artist.

I am a higher consciousness guided meditation coach.

I am a fully certified usui reiki healing master, level 3.

My certifications are available upon request.


I offer higher consciousness guided meditations in a calming atmosphere online or in person to discover your unique healing power symbol which you can use as a self help tool so you may overcome emotional issues of all types in just one session.

With love, gratitude & respect I welcome you, from my heart to yours. 

This is a safe space for you my friends.

Please take a look at my client reviews to see what my clients have to say about my work.


I offer same day & urgent readings via live video call via skype with or without video, zoom, FB messenger, whatsapp messenger, telephone only, text via mobile phone or email.

It is always your choice whichever makes you feel most the comfortable.

You are welcome to contact me free of charge if you are unsure of which service you require via email, text or telephone.

I will do my best to reply to you promptly & I am always more than happy to help you.

I have been doing psychic, tarot, aura & mediumship readings for 35 years.

I worked on Periscope TV for over 4 years giving tarot, psychic, mediumship &

aura colour readings live until branching out into my into my own business thanks to my wonderfully loyal clients.

My dream was to reach a wider audience and help as many people as I possibly can. 

My clients come from a wide range of backgrounds.

I have helped very many people with important decisions in their lives regarding love, relationships, emotional issues, re-location, careers & all aspects of life.

My client list is strictly confidential.

I studied in closed circles at spiritualist national union churches in the UK.

I have given psychic mediumship readings in spiritualist churches to large groups of people giving evidence including names & memory links to them from their loved ones who have passed over to the spirit realms, who are now communicating through me as an open channel with them from the spirit realms.


So this is where we create a safe, sacred space & the start of a healing & spiritual journey for you.

"To remember who you are, you need to forget what they told you to be. "


Popular Services

Psychic Or Tarot Reading.
(Option to combine)

Specific questions are welcomed or you may choose a general reading.

Will my ex come back?

Is he/she being honest with you?

When will they contact you?

Do you ask yourself when will you find love?

Do you want to know which way your career

is heading?

Do you want to know what opportunities

are around the corner for you?

Should I take that job?

Should I relocate?

This tarot reading is for you to gain clarity and

peace of mind with my Psychic Gift 

incorporating the Tarot Cards, Oracle and

Angel card decks I have to

help you align with your true life purpose.

If you have questions about this reading please just contact me.






A Psychic Mediumship Reading


This reading is a spirit channelled reading to connect and pass messages from your loved one's, family & friends  who have left the earth plane & passed over into the Spirit Realms.


I have the gift of being a

Psychic  & a Medium.

I am Clairvoyant,

Meaning "Clear Seeing"

  I am Clairaudient,

Meaning "Clear Hearing"

I am Clairsentient,

Meaning "Clear Feeling"

Twin Flame/Soul Mate Reading.

Specific questions are welcomed or you may

choose a general reading.

Do you ask yourself 

"Is he/she my Soul Mate?

Do they truly love me?

What are their intentions?

Have I already met my Soul Mate?

When will I meet my Twin Flame?

This reading is to look at

the energy around you connected to your


To reveal your love potential and to guide you with the courage to move forward to the soul mate your were intended for.

This reading will also give you insight & answers into your current relationship issues.


If you have questions about this reading please just contact me.








Aura Colour Readings Including

A Free Bespoke Aura Art Painting


I have the gift of seeing aura colours around people in their auric field.

I tune into their vibrational energy signature.

 I can do this from a photograph or a live video/telephone only session.

Everyone's aura is completely unique rather like an energetic fingerprint.

This reading will show you your unique

aura colours.

 I then explain the meaning of each of these auric colours to you in great detail & how they influence your life now.

I also include free for you a bespoke digital art painting of your unique aura colours which you can then refer to.

 There is no extra charge for this it is a free gift for you from my heart to yours.

Past Life Reading.

Who were you in a past life?

Do you want to change your generational patterns of behaviour?

This reading with me is to eliminate any obstacles you are currently facing

by understanding your past life.

To see how those repeated ancestral patterns are affecting your decisions

and choices today.

I will work with you to remove any residual generational patterns of behaviour & move forward!


If you have questions about this reading please just contact me.





Higher Conciousness

Power Healing Symbol Guided Live Meditation.

Join me in this calming guided meditation to discover your unique higher conciousness power healing symbol. This is a one to one session & totally confidential.


The symbol you discover will become a self help tool to help you overcome any emotion that has been bothering you,

i.e. frustration, anger, fear, loneliness, rejection, anxiety, stress & many more. Please just ask me if you would like more details.


This can be done online via video call, telephone or in person at my clinic.


Debra Wingo Williams

Rossana Snee Psychologist & Author of The Healing Alphabet.

Serina Stow

Without knowing my details, her reading was spot on!

Carla is kind, sensitive, sweet, and willing to help anyone who needs it.

She's an amazing lady! She truly has a gift. She is very perceptive and open to receiving messages that can help anyone in their quest for guidance.

Carla has a rare and very unique gift. As a psychic, she is so incredibly tapped into spirit!

I have been consistently seeing her for 3 years! Carla has changed my life so much for the better.

Phenomenal experience.

A divine gift that Carla has.

Her readings are so on the mark. She really does take care in communicating with sensitivity.

Anyone connecting with Carla will be blessed.

Let's connect & start your journey together by sending me a message below.

Thank You.

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